Why this book is different from the others

“If success is a far-away cloud, Learn is a long staircase that slowly and steadily brings you there. On the other hand, Growth by nature a pure accelerator, would help you in getting closer to it. However Growth without Learn would only give you a temporary and short success. Current literature suggests choosing between the two approaches. If you were to ask me, I’d rather use the skyrocket given by combining the two.” Roberto Liccardo

This book is not doesn’t present you useless, high-level advice that will leave you with no idea as to what you should actually do to grow a product or company at the end of the day.
This book is a tutorial that will help you step-by-step, hand-held guide to getting users, traffic, and revenue.

growth-mindsetThe Growth Mindset: I dig into the vague concept of “growth hacking”, teaching you how to adapt a growth mindset. By doing this I combine the traditional digital marketing approach for the long run together with the accelerations provided by growth hacking.

patternsThe Growth Patterns: I analyze the success (and the failures) of hundreds of startups and new products in achieving breakthrough growth. I present you with patterns to serve as guidelines for your business growth and for your marketing strategies.

The Growth Hacks: We help you to connect the dots presenting you step-by-step growth hacking strategies and over 100 growth tips that any kind of business can apply alongside traditional digital marketing channels.

Over 100 step-by-step proven strategies and actional tips broken down into each section of your Growth Funnel

Some of the strategies included in this book:

– Find out your competitors Marketing Tool Stack
– Get anyone email and hit their inbox folder
– Automated emails
– The LinkedIn Hack
– Chatbots to leverage influencers

– “Seen in Forbes, Enterpreneur, INC, etc.” to gain credibility

– The activation stack: Fomo+Zopier Chat+ChatBot 
– Content Experiments on Google Platform
– Split-testing 101: guide to conversion

– Marketing automation+phone push notification
– Re-targeting integrated with IP Address for targeting a specific user  


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About the author

Roberto Liccardo holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Rome La Sapienza with a GPA of 3.9/4. He was classified as one of the best 25 students of the University for three years in a row and was elected to work in the school Public Computer Center for 3 years, where he started his first experiments in digital marketing.
Roberto proudly wears his 12 years of direct and managerial experience in intensive Digital Marketing and Analytics, which also includes consultancies on Growth Hacking for leading Silicon Valley companies. He was the founder of a Digital Marketing Agency (IRL Solutions), which was composed of over 130 employees and successfully sold. He is currently working as CEO for Best Offer Capital, a California-based business he founded that specializes in Lead Generation and Digital Acquisition featured on many top magazines. His portfolio of marketing solutions includes companies such as General Eletric, L’Oreal, HP and Novartis.

Feel free to add me in LinkedIn to know more about me: /roberto.liccardo

Special Thanks also to:

– Melissa Brag;
– Sandy Lopez.

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